Candle Care

How to care for your candle –

Our candles are made from soy and coconut-soy wax which allow for a beautifully long burn, with wonderful aromas and little to no black soot. Each vessel is handmade and tinted to bring out the beauty of the concrete. The absence of paraffin and mass-produced vessels provides a clean candle created with eco-sustainable materials. Our process produces one-of-a-kind candles presented in vessels we hope you will reuse time and time again.

To achieve the best results with your purchase, we recommend the following:

  1. While we think this goes without saying, please remove the dust cover before you burn your candle. You can use this to cover your candle after a burn and the wax has hardened to keep your candle free of dust.
  2. Assure the wick is trimmed each time you burn the candle to a length of ¼ of an inch. Trimming your wick before each and every burn will help to prevent tunnelling. Tunnelling is when the wick burns straight down the vessel leaving what can only be described as a tunnel. While your candle will burn, tunnelling reduces the life, aroma, and use of your beautiful candle. So please, please trim your wicks!
  3. We know you are excited to light your candle to enjoy its beautiful glow and scent, but just like with Goldilocks, the amount of time you burn your candle needs to be just right. Your very first burn should be a minimum of 2 hours but no more than 4. This will give your candle a great start. Do not worry if there is some unmelted wax on the sides of your vessel; oftentimes it will take a couple of burns to achieve what we like to call full melt pool. After your first burn, aim for a minimum of two hours for each burn to allow for maximum enjoyment.
  4. Remember, candles are little fires contained in a vessel. Without your watchful eye, that little fire can turn into a big one. When burning your candle please follow the following rules:
    1. Never leave your candle unattended.
    2. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time (see #3 above).
    3. Keep away from pets and children.
    4. Keep away from things that can catch fire.
    5. Make sure there is nothing above your candle that could catch fire. Do not place on a counter under a cabinet or other item that could catch fire or be damaged by the heat produced from the candle and its flame.
  5. Soy and Coconut-Soy waxes are softer than their counterparts which contain paraffin. To keep your candle from unwanted melting, please keep in a cool, dry location with the dustcover. Once you begin burning your candle, do not be concerned if the wicks look at bit like a black mushroom or top of your candles become a bit lumpy after it cools. Just make sure to trim the mushroom-like head before you light the candle next time and know that the natural characteristics of these clean burning waxes in no way affect the candle.

Here at Lone Tree Candle Company, we want you to love our candles as much as we do. Follow these pointers and our candles will bring you hours of joy!