candle maker with two candles and mountainsmountainsconcrete candle jar and mountains

Growing up in the shadows of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, the stark beauty of its peaks towering over the vastness of the valley has always amazed me. I have been blessed to call this place home for most of my life, returning to start and raise my family after a brief adventure in Northern California. While my "real" job is as an attorney, I have always embraced my creative side.  My sons grew up and left the nest, leaving me to find something to fill my time and creative need. A decision to make candles for Christmas gifts eventually turned into an all consuming dive into the world of candle making.  It was 2021 and the pandemic's grip on the world was loosening but the aftermath continued.  With candle vessels in short supply, I decided to make my own.  Through the wonderful world of social media and YouTube videos, I discovered concrete candle vessels.  The beauty, simplicity and natural elements perfectly fit what I wanted for my candles - the essence of nature.  I strive to make candles and vessels that blend the ruggedness of mountain peaks with the subtle scents of nature. Each one is made by me, from simple elements that when combined result in a complex aroma that will fill your home and your senses.  


Dana Crom